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The laboratory was established in 1985 to assist geomorphological research into uranium mining activities in the Region.Dating ceased in 1990 after the TL component of two geomorphological consultancies had been completed (Nanson et al 1990, Roberts et al 1991).The error limits on the dates obtained are typically in the range of 5 to 10%.Commercial dating service For over 15 years the laboratory has undertaken luminescence dating of archaeological materials and sediments on a commercial basis or research basis.After irradiation, a pre-heating is performed in oven at 150° C for 180 s to reduce the contribution of the TL signal coming from unstable traps.All TL measurements are carried out by means of a TL2000-Ipses reader in nitrogen atmosphere using a 10°C/s heating rate.In order to measure the supralinearity, a second analysis is carried out after removing natural TL by means of a heating (four hours at 450 °C).Finally the anomalous fading is estimated storing irradiated samples in dark at room temperature for few months and comparing the TL signal with the signal of samples immediately after irradiation.

From these two measurements, the TL age can be subsequently calculated from the basic equation: age=(palaeodose)/(annual dose).

Electron Spin Resonance Dating (ESR): Fossil teeth are a ubiquitous component of prehistoric sites, and as a consequence, ESR dating of tooth enamel is very widely applicable in archaeology and palaeoanthropology.

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