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12-Feb-2018 09:51

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I couldn’t help but feel entitled to a romance for which I had literally waited years, and I wasn’t ready to give up on my teenage fantasies of having Thom Yorke officiate my wedding to this man — which meant that I’d pile on the drama if it kept the weak flame between us flickering.

I was going to be loved, even if it meant I had to throw the world’s most passive-aggressive tantrum.

But each time I start typing, I force myself to remember that my problem isn’t really with him — it’s with the insecurities I thought I outgrew like a bad case of cystic acne.

Monica Mares gave birth to Caleb Peterson 19 years ago and quickly gave him up for adoption.

You know I had such a crush on you in high school, right?

” He laughed nervously and looked around, as though to make sure no one else had overheard.

Here I was, sitting in a bougie Greenpoint pizza place across from — finally, after all these years — my high-school crush.

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Instead of letting it go, I breathed in this excess of humiliation until I was choking. Being with him made me feel like a teen again, but not in some joyful, exuberant way — no, it made me feel like I was that gawky kid utterly convinced of her own unlovability, I was in a full-on self-esteem backslide, and keeping his affection felt like the only way to stop it. Even as I sit here remembering the whole thing, I’m overcome with an urge to reach for my cell phone, search for Ryan’s name (now a ways down in my message history), and text something nasty.When I returned, ready to launch myself back into this new relationship, I instead ended up launching myself straight into the past.I became, I’m sorry to say, a reincarnation of my high-school self.* * * As so many good tantrums do, it began with a selfie.

I posted sexy pictures on Instagram with captions asking about the whereabouts of a single decent man in this cold world, then followed them up with cryptic tweets and meandering blog posts about my loneliness.

In order to cope with this stress, an individual reverts to (typically negative) patterns of behavior from an earlier period in their lives, when the stressor didn’t exist or was easily assuaged by an authority figure, like a parent or teacher.

There’s more to see and do around and about: a massive nuclear bunker to explore at RAF Holmpton, a 500-year old Napoleonic fort at Fort Paull, and thrills and spills aplenty at the nearby Pleasure Island Theme Park and The Deep Aquarium in Hull.… continue reading »

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Portman, Bloom, and Common then complete her sentence by making various pledges to help youth live out their full potential.… continue reading »

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We emailed back and forth for a few weeks and finally my wife Barbara went to visit their relatives in Durant so I had the house to myself for a day. Answering his knock, I opened the door and he came in. Of course it wasn't night, in fact it was midafternoon, but I decided to go there anyway.… continue reading »

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A Chinese tech company pulled offline a virtual-reality avatar depicted as a flirtatious secretary in revealing clothes, hours after The Wall Street Journal asked whether such depictions encourage a view of women as sexual objects in the workplace.… continue reading »

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