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Shake your thing, while you sing, she was just sixteen, wasn't no disco queen. Stories are usually built on the dynamic between good and bad, naughty and nice, which translates to a main protagonist and their evil nemesis, or in our case, a bully.Gabe was the captain of the football team and was one of the first to be infected by the aliens that seemed to have infiltrated the campus.His mission, other than being mean, was to infect everybody else.

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Besides saying some pretty heartless things to his younger brother, he liked to get him in trouble for things he never even did.I think she has a lot of acting talent which is truly evident in this film - it's also very evident in Tremors. I got the chance to view an advanced screening of this yet-to-be-released film and I must say, that Reba's acting blew me away.She was superb, her performance is just as incredible as "Forever Love".When she discovers his true identity, will it keep her from ever trusting him again?

Nineteen days before Christmas, accountant Peter Brockman is dumped by his fiancée, Jill, because of his workaholic ways and being emotionally detached from life. See full summary » As Christmas approaches, a single mother (played by Reba Mc Entire) struggles to raise her son and keep up the payments on her Oregon ranch, which is difficult since she's heavily in debt.

He hasn’t stopped acting either, he has been in films like Texas Rangers, Killers, Scary Movie 5, and Hands of Stone.