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04-Mar-2018 21:52

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If you're not familiar with writing queries in SQL View, practice makes perfect, especially if you are an Access VBA programmer.You'll find writing SQL in VBA is a must-have and very powerful way when working on complex business applications.This is also true for other DBMS systems when using count(distinct xxx) syntax.If we need to count the number of distinct records in a group of data such as in each year or in each product category, we need to retrieve all the groups without aggregation in the sub-query and then use GROUP BY on the groups in the outer query. Here we want to count how many distinct customers that ordered products from Northwind each year.So the end result is that we get a distinct count of Customer IDs for each year. Please note that, when I was working on the examples, I used the SQL View of MS Access.It's a bit awkward to use the Design View for creating sub-queries.This article also includes the dates and times of future sessions, as well as the logistics to join the trainings.

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The Global Registration Team frequently holds live "Ask the Expert" training sessions to demonstrate the Global Registration Tool, and to provide an open Q&A forum where users can get their questions answered.

Accordingly, a Suggestion Forum is available to you where you can submit ideas and suggestions for our team to review.

These suggestions are taken very seriously and are a key factor in deciding which new features and functionality will be deployed in GRT.

First, because the Orders table does not have year column, we need to retrieve the year part from the Order Date column.

This is done by using Year function on Order Date column in the sub-query and using YR as column alias.

This should give us a unique list of all the managers in Northwind company.

That this advice is useless when actually trying to solve a problem involving a real box should effectively have killed off the much widely disseminated—and therefore, much more dangerous—metaphor that out-of-the-box thinking spurs creativity.… continue reading »

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A disadvantage of this approach is that users don't know that they've made an error until after they submit the page.… continue reading »

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