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25-Nov-2017 11:34

There is so much GZ offers - every day I learn something new.

I am more engaged in website updates now more than ever, group emails are simple, and I enjoy getting creative with reports. Overall: A good face-to-the-customer - GZ makes our Trade Association look good! Cons: There are not always simple ways to do simple tasks such as a query of members or running reports with specific data.

I feel like we up to date with the latest technology with Member Zone and am very happy we made the switch!

Comments: Memberzone/Chamber Master provides a one stop shop for all your Association needs.

I feel like I still have lots to learn about it's full-functionality.

Pros: Member Information Center - members can update their own information and post jobs, market place items, etc.

The fact that members are able to self-update their contacts and information.

Cons: A dream would be for it to somehow link to event-bright.

Overall: We switched from Builder Fusion to Member Zone and the change was easy and painless. I thought it would be impossible to learn a new system but it was very easy.

Still, way better than what we had been using and costs less.

Overall: Very powerful tool for Chambers and Associations looking to provide even better support for their members.

Drive Growth with Smarter Association Software featuring a full AMS with integrated sales funnel management.

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Ranked in the Top 5 in the 2017 Reviewers' Choice for membership software in overall performance, ease of use, and customer service.

These are members underneath our associate or builder members. I'd recommend this for small to medium trade or professional associations in a heartbeat.